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Gift Guide Links- Mom Edition

A special HipHomelife Gift Guide, just for us hardworking mamas! It's ok to shop for ourselves, but feel free to pass these links along if you want to be 'surprised' with your holiday gift too! hehe

I was asked to put together some gift guides, and putting this together was actually a ton of fun! Everything on this list is either something I actually have myself, or something that is on my 'want' list, so it's curated with a lot of thought and with quality, useful items (I didn't just scour the amazon sale page, is what I'm saying). I have a multi-age, gender-neutral, kids gift guide coming next, but that one will ONLY be for my email subscribers, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email address to sign up for the mailing list, if you want to be sure not to miss it!

  1. Literary Mugs- It just wouldn't be a gift guide from me if it didn't contain a. coffee mugs and b. something bookish. This combines two of my favorites! (Fwiw, check out everything this site has, if you're looking for unique gift ideas. It's one of my favorites!)

  2. Oxo Conical Burr Grinder- Any coffee aficionado knows that fresh ground coffee is best! I got this last year for Christmas and have used it daily since. It's a must-have for any coffee drinker!

  3. L.L. Bean Wicked Plush Sherpa Throw- The blanket won out in my IG story poll, by far! Likely because almost nothing beats a new, cozy blanket, especially if its fleecy AND sherpa! (and yes, you'll see I ended up including a robe anyway because I remembered the SUPER cozy, epically soft one I got last year... why not have both?!)

  4. Let's Make Art- Journaling subscription box- This one is like the epitome of self-care. It's art and journaling in one! Finally, an art box just for grown-ups. This is one that is on my own list for this year!

  5. Eye Massager- Ok, this one sounds suuuuuper weird, I'll admit. But I wouldn't have known this was a thing, until someone else posted it and how it helped her migraines. I snagged this one on Prime Day and ohhhhh man. It's good. Now a disclaimer, heat and pressure both are things that help my migraines. Though, these also have reviews saying how much they help tired eyes, so if you work on the computer all day, it might be a game changer for you as well.

  6. Aerie Sherpa Robe- Yes, I did end up including a robe anyway. I saw this one a few years ago and wanted it, and finally snagged it last year. It's amazingly soft, but also super wearable for around the house because it isn't super huge and bulky.

  7. Weighted Sleep Mask- so, I'm a super light sleeper and sleep with an eye mask most nights. This company makes weighted blankets AND these amazing looking weighted eye masks. This one went on my list because it sounds like the perfect tool to help you drift off to that sleep we so desperately need!

  8. Plant Therapy- this is another one of my favorite small businesses. And, well, I don't think you'd go wrong with just about anything from there. (the Aloe Jellies are amazing, as are so so many of the blends and singles) but if you wanted something fun, the lotus diffuser is something I love and the Oil of the Month club can bring you fun, new things you haven't seen before!

  9. Sephora Advent Calendar- If you're like me, your kiddos get some sort of fun advent calendar this time of year. But how fun would it be to open a self-care item just for yourself every day?!

  10. And finally, yes, TWO slippers. Why? Because I have the ones that are on the right, for two years running now. They're an incredibly comfortable, budget-friendly, option and they last me a full year of almost constant wear. BUT. They're out of the regular tan color. If you don't mind the leopard print, grab those ones here at J.Crew Outlet!

  11. The others have been on my 'splurge' list, because they're supposed to be amazing. So if you want to treat yourself, you can grab the Wicked Good slippers from L.L.Bean here!

Most of the items linked are on sale through at least Cyber Monday. Plant Therapy is so fun to follow this year because they run different holiday sales every day from now until mid-December. Let's Make Art subscription boxes are not on sale at the time of this writing, but they are very reasonably priced for what you get, and they DO have some amazing sales going on for their individual art supplies, so be sure to check those out.

Happy shopping, friends! xoxo


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