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Fall Curriculum Resources 2021

A handy resource list for our homeschool curriculum and resources for the 2021/2022 school year for a 3rd grader and 5th grader

If you're tuned in to my Instagram page, you know that we had our annual Curriculum Super Bowl last week, where a few of us showed shared our curriculum choices for the upcoming schoolyear. And if you missed any of it, go catch it! It was a lot of fun!

But, while I can give details via video that don't translate as well to blog posts...the ability to do links via video just doesn't exist yet. And I didn't want to leave you hanging, if you weren't sure where to grab any of the curricula or resources I discussed. So here they are, all in one convenient place for you!

Note: this particular post is not intended to be all-encompassing. I'll make a note with each if I already have an in-depth review posted, or if you should expect one coming soon! (if you're waiting rather impatiently for something specific, just be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for the mailing list, so that you don't miss out on it as soon as it's posted!)

This is mainly a landing page, so you have an easy source of links to access, laid out in the same order as the videos last week. I hope it helps!

Individual Grade 3 Subjects

Beast Academy- We'll be transitioning to 2A this year, which is the recommended level for starting Beast Academy upon completing 2nd grade math. (They WILL have level 1 coming out in the near future as well). We choose to do the online portion, especially for my 3rd grader, which you can find on their site here. If you choose the book option, you can sometimes find them on Amazon (but double check the pricing. 3rd party sellers tend to mark these way up), directly from AOPS or from a site like Rainbow Resource

Math Mammoth- This works really well for my kiddo because of the clear visual layout and minimal number of problems. I will likely keep this in my back pocket for supplementing, as needed.

We've only ever used just the workbooks themselves, because they've done such a great job of teaching. But they do give sources for further instruction, games and videos if needed! You can find placement tests, samples, digital versions, and a ton more info on their site here

Evan-Moor Workbooks- these are by far my favorite supplement for Language Arts, which we will use along side our main Blossom & Root curriculum. In the videos, I shared about the Daily Paragraph Editing, Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grammar & Punctuation, and Spell & Write. We're using Grade 2 for the Paragraph Editing and 6-Trait Writing because I wanted to start them off a little easier on more formal writing skills, but I've linked grade 3. If Amazon is out of stock, you can also get them directly from Evan-Moor, and they ship quickly and for free for orders over $35!

Independent Reading- He's currently trying to start his first full novel series, Keeper of the Lost Cities and is also very recently invested in the Percy Jackson graphic novels. They're a really great level for independent reading for him and he's really into them right now!

Individual Grade 5 Subjects

Beast Academy- We'll be continuing on for my 5th grader, who has been using Beast almost exclusively since we began formal math. We do need to do some light supplementation to reinforce speed with math facts this year but we continue to enjoy the problem solving and mental math skills that Beast encourages. See above under grade 3 for all of the links!

Oak Meadow- We were given Oak Meadow Grade 5 to review, and the math component is separate. It looks like it might be a great option for supplementing Beast. You can find it here (full review of Grade 5 coming soon!)

Evan-Moor Workbooks- We will be using all of the same ones linked above, for my 5th grader. Some we will be using the 4th grade version of, for the same reasons mentioned above.

Cursive handwriting- We really like the Handwriting Without Tears workbooks for this! We started with Cursive Handwriting which he will be finishing up soon, and then we will be moving on to Cursive Success

Independent Reading- He's currently working his way through the Trials of Apollo series (which has inspired our choice to continue with ancient history) and the Magnus Chase series.

Family Learning Subjects

Blossom & Root -We will be using Blossom & Root Level 4 as our main curriculum this year. We'll be using this as our main language arts and science curricula, for both kiddos. Blossom & Root works wonderfully for family style learning, and we are really excited for the book lists and the science subjects of this level! (I have a full review on the site here ) Blossom & Root is on sale through September 15th!

History Quest- We can't get enough of ancient history. And though I'll be weaving in some more modern history through unit studies this year, we're excited to continue on with our History Quest Ancients this year, partially at the request of the kiddos. You can get it here on the Pandia Press page, and note that it's on sale through August 31st.

Enrichment Resources

Blossom & Root- Profiles in Art We'll be using the recommended supplemental book list and going through this amazing art study as on of our main enrichment subjects

Mythical Creatures Drawing Game- we love this card game just as prompts for creative art inspiration and invitation

Steve Spangler Science Club kits- since my kids are obsessed with his YouTube channel, we decided to try out a few kits. I love how complete they are, with really fun and interesting themes. You can check them out here on the site. As a side note, we've purchased a few fun, single, items from their store too (like these fun Bernoulli windbags )

Evolution Board Game- We have Evolution: The Beginning, which I had a hard time finding to link for you. You can find it through a 3rd party seller on Amazon sometimes, or perhaps on an independent game site. The full version is great too though!

Trekking the World and Upwords available through above picture links :)

Have an engaging and enlightening 2021/2022 school year friends!!

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